Happy Easter


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H A P P Y   E A S T E R      

Easter Eggs 

How does the Easter Bunny stay in shape?

What do you get when you cross a bunny with a Scottish bun?
A bonny bunny bun

What does the Easter Bunny order at a Chinese restaurant?
Hop suey

What do you call a rabbit that has fleas?
Bugs bunny

Which branch of the military do bunnies like best?
The Hare Force

What are 45 rabbits, in a row, all marching backwards called?
A receding hare line

Did you hear the story about the Easter Bunny who sat on a bee?
It’s a tender tail …

What does a bunny use to keep its ears perky?
Hare spray

What do you call a bossy French rabbit?
Napoleon Bunny-parte

What do you get when you pour hot water down a rabbit’s hole?
A hot cross bun-ny

How can you tell a rabbit’s age?
By the grey hares

A rabbit that’s a stand-up comedian is called what?
A funny bunny

How many chocolate bunnies can you put into an empty Easter basket?
One … after that it’s not empty …

What comes at the end of Easter?
The letter R

 easter bunny door wreath


Jokes from http://www.brownielocks.com
Images – http://www.magnoliaprep.blogspot.com










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